Have you ever been to an event with someone and you both have totally different memories about the experience?

The reason for this is that we all have different filters. We don’t see, hear and experience objectively, it is all subjective to our previous experiences and beliefs.

So, what if your experience isn’t what really happened but only your version of it?

What if you’ve misinterpreted what was said or done to you because it’s the story your brain told you?

What if your brain is using inaccurate information to create your world view?

Your experience of the world happens through a very narrow window, it’s as though you’re looking at the world through a keyhole and your brain is constantly filtering and using information from the past to evaluate what you are seeing and experiencing at any given moment.

Make it a habit to check and re-evaluate your world view and beliefs often. Explore information that is contrary to how you think. Listen to opposing world views with as open of a mind as you can. Change your filters and experience a different life.