What are you really good at?

I mean so good at it that people tell you that you’re good, or they say that they wish they were as good as you at this one particular thing. Do you embrace what they say or do you discount or negate it as anyone can do it?

More than likely you have a handful of skills that come to you naturally; these are your natural talents, your gifts. However, because they are second nature to you, you take them for granted and assume that everyone has them too. So you neglect to leverage them for your benefit.

Somewhere in the world there are successful people that have similar gifts as you and the only difference between them and you is that they have learned how to leverage and ultimately capitalize on their natural gifts.

Make a list of things that people have told you that you’re good at and identify the ones that come the easiest to you. These are your natural gifts and you should spend time improving them because then you can design your life around doing what you’re good at.