You’re being robbed of your attention. Companies are paying millions of dollars to steal pieces of your life and you probably don’t realize it. Scientists and PhD’s are hired to create products and campaigns just so that you can pay attention to them and not your own life.

You do not have an unlimited supply of attention so whenever you choose to invest your attention on one thing you are taking away from another area of your life. The internet and TV are the biggest culprits when it comes to stealing your attention. Imagine if every time you aimlessly surfed the web or flipped through TV channels that you were asked to pay money. Would you still spend as much time doing these activities?

During the next few days try to be conscious of how much time you’re spending aimlessly surfing the internet, on social media or flipping through channels trying to find ‘something to watch.’ And then consider what else you could be doing with your attention.

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