Constantly seeking external validation from friends, family and peers is a guaranteed way to lose who you are. We all have a desire to belong but very often we go about it the wrong way. Instead of being ourselves we curtail our thoughts and hide our feelings in order to be accepted. We put our self-worth in the hands of others seeking approval and validation. Yet we admire the individual that stands up and speaks their mind. We admire the trailblazer that people line up to follow. These ‘unique’ souls that take the stand and say this is who I am. The irony is that you don’t know who will align with you until you stand for you who you are. Your thoughts, ideas and emotions are what make you unique and special.

Renowned investor Peter Thiel has this great question “what is something you believe that nearly no one else does?” Answering this will be one step in finding and expressing your uniqueness.

To help I’ll go first. I believe that immortality will be made possible very soon. In fact back in 2003 I had expressed a desire to live to be 132 but now that I have young children I’ve chosen to extend it indefinitely.

Remember, validation is for parking tickets : )