Do you have a fear of being alone?

The fear of being alone is a primal fear because humans are social animals and in the past being alone probably meant that you would not survive in the wilderness. However, unless you live in some remote part of the world this fear is no longer valid.

For many people the fear of loneliness is what keeps them stuck in their habits. They fear that if they change their ways then they will be unaccepted by those around them. And the truth is that this might be true. But, the good news is that if you search you will find others like you.

Initially as you step out of your environment in to a new one the loneliness might feel overwhelming and you will be tempted to slide back to what you were used to. If you take the time to examine your feeling of loneliness you will learn over time that the feeling is temporary. Give yourself the opportunity grow past the feeling of being alone until eventually you realize that being alone is something you can deal with and not to be feared.