How much do you value do you see in other people?

Do you believe that every person you encounter has something they can teach you regardless of their position in life?

Or do you overlook certain people because they don’t look as though they can help you or teach you anything?

Engaging with an individual at a core level is a difficult skill to master but well worth the effort. The ability to sit with another person and just let them talk without waiting to jump in and share your agenda takes a high degree of patience but is well worth the effort.

Every person has something of value that they can share with another. However, in most cases this value rarely has the opportunity to surface due to the shallow nature of most conversations.

The next time you have the opportunity to talk to someone you’re meeting for the first time; allow them to ‘carry the conversation.’ Sit back and listen, you might be surprised at how much you will learn and just how much value they bring to your life.