How much time do you spend being angry at a person or an event?

How do you justify the length of time of your anger?

Do you have an equation in your head that tells you to stay angry for a minute, day or even years based on the thing that made you angry?

Anger is a funny thing because although it is a healthy emotion and there is a reason for its existence, staying angry indicates that you are either re-living the incident that made you angry or thinking about an event that might happen in the future.

If you choose to continually re-live events from the past then I strongly suggest you choose the ones that made you happy. For no other reason than they are better for your overall well-being. And if you’re choosing to be angry about something that might happen in the future, well that’s as ridiculous as it sounds.

Grab a pen and paper and make a list of all the reasons you’re angry at a person or event. Now eat the list! Just kidding! Study the list and ask yourself if there might be other ways to express how you’re feeling or even if it’s worth spending any more of your energy being angry.