Do you tolerate other people’s crappy behavior just so that they’ll invite you back?

Do you make excuse for why you don’t speak up just so that you they’ll think you’re one of them?

Do you pretend to be one of them when you know deep down that you’re not? Why?

Why do you keep pretending to be someone you’re not? Are you afraid you’ll be alone?

Pretending to be someone you’re not is going to tear you apart. You’re going to continuously struggle to balance your multiple personalities. So the sooner you stop the easier your life will be.

Take a stand for you who are and for what you believe. At first you might not get invited back by the people you thought were your friends, but over time you’ll find people that want and love for the real you to show up. You’ll build relationships on you who you are. You’ll find your tribe.

Make commitment today to start sharing more of who you really are and to stop hiding behind the fear of being rejected. You might be surprised at just how many people want more of the real you.