Have you ever had your thoughts controlled by someone else?

Well today I’m going to take over a small part of your brain. For some of you it’ going to be only for a few hours but for the rest of you it’s going to be for a long time. I’m giving you fair warning, so you can stop reading now or continue at your own risk.

Okay, are you ready? From this moment on every time you see a Silver car you are going to smile.

That’s it, I’m done. I have now planted a seed in your brain that quite possibly will live in your brain forever. Years from now you when you see a silver car you will find yourself smiling and not quite remember why.

Now you might be curious as to why I did this to you. And the answer is that I want you be aware of all the information you expose yourself to and how many people with bad intentions are also planting seeds and ideas in your brain. Also how vulnerable your brain is to being influenced.

Today as you’re out and about smiling at silver cars think about the other sources of information you expose yourself to how your thoughts are being influenced.