How much of your attention do you really give people, especially the ones you love?

Do you rush through your interactions?

Are you ever really present?

Being fully present can be an extremely powerful feeling, both for you and the person you’re speaking to. Especially in today’s highly distracted environment, where attention spans have dwindled to almost zero.

If you have the opportunity to engage with someone today then try to be fully present. Turn your entire body, from your eyes all the way down to your feet towards them. Relax and let them speak. Just absorb what they have to say. Let them finish and give them a moment before you speak.

At first, you might feel awkward doing this but stick with it. You’re only feeling awkward because your mind has become accustomed to moving on to the next thing.

Being present and paying attention helps you really feel what the person is saying rather than just hearing it. Being present can move you from just skimming across the surface of your relationships and take you to new depths.