Have you ever written a love letter?

A letter that describes your true feelings about a partner, a child or a friend.

A letter that brings in to focus how much a person really means to you.

A letter that details the qualities about them that brings you alive.

A love letter is a powerful tool that can strengthen a relationship even if you never share it with the person it’s written for.  In fact, you can hide the letter away and read it to yourself just to remind you how you feel about them.

If a letter is too difficult for you or not your cup of tea, then write a list. Make it as detailed as possible; use words to describe them how you would as if you were head over heels for them.

Remember, the people closest to you will test you the most. Children, friends, parents, partners will all at one time or another have you asking yourself- why?

Use this letter to remind you why.

And by the way.

Let’s hope they have a letter written about you too.