Who, do you THINK you are?

I’ll give you moment to think about your answer.

In fact I’ll help you.

Think of three words you would use to describe yourself. And yes, for you over achievers you can have more than three words.




Did you think of three, or did you just keep scrolling?

Come on.

Put your scrolling thumb or mouse hand away for just a moment.

This is really important.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Say the words out loud.

I am  __________,  __________, and __________.

Did it feel awkward saying it out loud?

Do you believe what you said?

Now imagine a friend or loved one is standing facing of you. They have their hands on your shoulders and you are looking in to their eyes.

Say the words to them.

Convince them that this is who you really are.

Own your words.

The words you use to describe yourself in your own mind will dictate your actions and ultimately define who you are. You are the designer and the builder.

The world will never believe who you are until you do.