What was the last agreement you signed?

Do you remember what it said?

I’m sure at its core it said you would uphold your end of the agreement as long as the other party upheld theirs.

Although you might not look at it the same way, you also enter agreement when you respond to someone that is personally attacking you or saying things about you that you disagree with.

Your agreement with them is that when they say something to provoke you, you will respond.  You will respond to defend yourself against what they are saying as if the words they’re using are really about you.

There’s no denying that words can be painful, but only if you let them. And where are they really causing the pain, to your ego?

Not allowing yourself to get caught up in the constant battle of offensive and defensive word wars is hard especially if you’re easily offended. But remember that you are making a choice to participate.

Remember the ‘sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me’ from your childhood. It’s difficult but true.

This week cancel some of your agreements to participate when provoked and see if the disagreement disappears.