Did you know the earth was once flat?

It’s true.

Ask anyone that lived a couple of thousand years ago and they would assure you that the world was indeed flat.

In fact they were so convinced that they wouldn’t dare to sail to far from their shores in fear of falling off the edge of earth.

What is your version of the world is flat?

What facts are you convinced are the truth today?

What do you believe so strongly that it’s preventing you from moving forward?

What have you heard or learned that’s made you think, ‘that’s not for me?

Knowing what they mistakenly thought was the facts have prevented many from taking action because they were defeated by their knowledge.

Defeated by perceptions of the facts, or what they were taught about the facts of their time.

Don’t let this be you.

Question the facts.

Dare to explore and go beyond what you’ve heard are the facts in the moment.