Do you ever spend any time remembering who you were as a child?

Somewhere deep inside you are the traces of the kid that believed anything was possible. There are traits that you have suppressed because you were told you had become an adult. You had to fit the mold that others designed for you.

Some of the traits that you have suppressed are your natural given abilities and you never allowed them to ever come to fruition. Because for whatever reason, whether external or internal you decided that those traits would not be accepted or would not be beneficial in adulthood.

The unfortunate thing is that at your core those traits, like weeds will always be trying to surface and you will spend your entire life fighting them. So why not embrace them?

What were those things that you enjoyed doing so much as a child that the world could have stopped and you wouldn’t have noticed?

The desire to do those activities are still somewhere inside you. Make a list today of all the things you used to enjoy doing, you’ll see that it probably isn’t a very long list. Choose one of the activities and find a way to incorporate it back into your life. I guarantee that when you do you’ll find yourself grinning from ear to ear just like you used to as a kid.