Do you actively build relationships with people or do you wait for them to happen by chance?

Over the years the word networking has taken on a negative connotation, but that’s because most approach it in a transactional, ‘what’s in it for me?’ mentality. In reality, networking is about building relationships.

Relationships with people are really everything we have and connecting with people is what we are naturally driven to do. However, in today’s digital age so many have a better relationship with their screens than they do with the people around them. They’ve come to believe that the virtual interactions are a replacement for real ones.

Actively seeking opportunities to interact in person with people can enhance your personal and professional life. It will add depth to who you are as a person because it will force you to grow as you continuously step out of what you know and are used to.

As with any new behavior, actively seeking out new people to talk to takes some practice and will seem uncomfortable at first. But as you get better at it you’ll realize that majority of people you meet either have or had the same apprehension about new meeting people as you.  Take an active step this week of meeting one new person, and when you do just relax and be yourself.