When was the last time you researched something you were interested in? Or tried to find out just how something worked, even if it wasn’t directly related to your job?

Many have had the habit of being curious trained out of them. The repeated schooling of don’t ask too many questions and don’t be wrong has removed so much of the natural curiosity that humans have. The fear of being wrong has also contributed the decline in curiosity.

Maintaining a healthy amount of curiosity is a great first step to having an open mind and a growth mindset. Reading and learning about things that are unrelated to your everyday life is also a great way to stoke your curiosity. Being curious also has the benefit of moving your mind from a passive state to an active one. One in which you are asking questions.

Take some time out today to be intentionally curious. Try a new food, talk to a stranger or read about something that ordinarily you would have no interest in and ask questions, lots of questions. See what new possibilities you can discover behind your curiosity.