Who are you going to bet on?

Are you betting on your boss, spouse, friends, family or your employees?

Who are you going to bet on to fulfill your dreams, wishes and desires?

If you decide to bet on anyone but yourself then essentially you are letting yourself off the hook. You are putting other people on a pedestal and saying that they are responsible for the results in your life.

Relinquishing responsibility for your own well-being is the easiest thing to do because it allows you to be the victim. It allows you to say ‘it’s not my fault,’ and it allows you to get away with being less than your potential.

Learning to bet on you takes time and doesn’t come naturally because it takes time to build the self-confidence to do so. However, if you take small steps and gather small wins then you will begin to experience a snowball effect in your own confidence ultimately allowing you take bigger bets on yourself.