Who’s doing the thing you want to do?

Do you watch them from afar wishing it was you instead of them?

Do you see them acting, playing leading, writing, selling, building, loving and creating while you quietly envy them?

Why them and not you?

What makes them special?

What’s holding you back from being that person?

There’s only one difference between you and them. They identified what they wanted and then they found the courage to act on it. That’s it. Simple yes, but definitely not easy.

So where is your courage?

Is it buried in your doubt?

Even the best, the individuals that are at the top of their chosen field have doubt, but they also have the magical power of acting despite their doubt.

Put aside you doubt today. Just for one day say and live with courage over comfort. Think of it as an experiment, and that you can always go back to being who you are.