Have you ever stared at a blank canvas and wondered what to draw?

Have you spent time staring at a blank sheet of paper as you struggle with what to write?

Perhaps for you it’s the first words of a speech or presentation that have you stumped?

It’s not the question of where to start that paralyzes most people.

It’s the thought of, what if I get it wrong. What if the first line I draw or the first words I write are bad.

It’s the intimidation of working without instructions, aka constraints.

Life would be so much easier if every time you started a new project a magic fairy could just tell you what to do, but then the ideas would be theirs and not yours.

Seeking inspiration from other people’s work is great and can be helpful, but also learn to trust your own intuition and ideas.

Find the courage you had when you were a child, draw your first line and write your first word. Be proud that you’ve started and don’t worry if it’s not ‘good.’ You can always start again.