Have you set the bar too high for yourself?

Are you looking to accomplish ‘big things’ but are intimidated in to inaction because the goal seems so far off?

If yes, then consider lowering the bar.

Do you know that when IBM was at its peak they set their salesperson quota lower than what was realistically expected?

The reason for this is that they wanted employees to experience quick wins in order build confidence as they moved towards bigger targets.

There are literally only four areas of life that you’re constantly trying to win at. Call them whatever you want but they will all fall somewhere along the lines of, family/relationships, career/financial, health/physical and religious/spiritual.

Accomplishing small goals in any of these will give you the momentum to continue because it increases your level of self -confidence.

So lower your bar for yourself and get your small wins. Before you know it you’ll be good enough to raise the bar.