Bowling for a business meeting? Yes you read that right. At the beginning of the year I decided that I’ll try to do things a little different this year, so when an acquaintance reached out to me for a lunch meeting I replied with how about bowling or pool.  I specifically picked these because they are both indoor activities so the weather wouldn’t be a factor and the environment would be also relatively quiet so we could also engage in conversation. To my surprise she quite enthusiastically replied that she’d like to go bowling. So, I had my first bowling meeting of the year. We spent about an hour playing so from a time perspective it was comparable to any other lunch meeting and we both had a blast. Just out of curiosity I turned on my step counter and was pleasantly surprised that I had walked 3700 steps during our game. So I conducted business, worked out and had fun. I see more of this in my future and hopefully you’ll try it too.

So, the next time someone asks you for a lunch or even coffee meeting maybe respond with how about bowling and see how they react.