Towards and Away from Goals.jpg

There is no grey area

Are you moving towards your ideal life? That’s the question I ask all of my MBA mentees and quite often the response is ‘no, I feel as though I’m standing still.’ I then break the painful news to them that there is no ‘standing still.’ This usually takes them by surprise and even though they are intelligent individuals it takes them a few minutes to wrap their brains around the concept until I explain that standing still is an illusion and that if they’re not moving towards what they want then they are in fact moving away.

The trap of the grey area is one that I too fell into until my mentor pointed it out to me. The only escape from the grey area is action, consistent action. Even a small amount of action will move you closer to your version of an ideal life. And I don’t mean a life of unicorns dancing on rainbows. I mean a life that is a little healthier, a little more fulfilling a life that satisfies the needs of your own personality.

So, take some time to evaluate the areas you think you might be stuck or standing still and take one small action that will move you towards where you want to be. By the way, the secret is that you will not know if it’s the right action until you take it : )

*I have created a wall paper for my phone of the image above so that it serves as a constant reminder every time I unlock my phone. You can download the image here.