Have you ever felt like giving up on something you’re working on?

If you haven’t then you’ve probably never tried to do anything new, but if you have then you know the feelings that are associated with it. The feelings of overwhelm, frustration and not being good enough. The feeling of wishing it was easier. Unfortunately these feelings are your mandatory waypoints on the way to your new destination.

The ability to cope with the feeling of constant struggle will serve you well in all your new endeavors in life.

When you encounter one of these feelings take the time to stop for a moment and really examine it. See it for what it is and don’t give up too soon.

The more you experience these feelings the more resourceful you will become. You’ll train yourself to find solutions that you never thought were possible. Until eventually you’ll come to a point where you’ll learn to embrace the struggle and frustration because you know that what you want achieve is on the other side of that emotion.