When was the last time you unplugged from all media?

I mean nothing at all. No TV, radio or social media? Do you think you can unplug, even for half a day?

If not, what does that tell you about yourself?

You see, media only has one goal. To sell you stuff. And they do this by providing you ‘news and information’ that focuses on two ends of the spectrum, bad news and good news. The bad news is to create fear and urgency and the good news creates envy and questions about your own ‘success.’

Boring news about people’s everyday lives would never capture an audience because it can’t be sensationalized. And this constant exposure to bad news and good news drives your mind to constantly compare your life to the life of others. It’s a continuous; my life is better than or worse than others conversation. Even though the majority of the time this conversation is happening subconsciously for you, it’s still happening.

Consider the act of taking a break from media a fast for your mind. Providing your brain a break from the constant bombardment can give you the opportunity to think and listen to what you have to say instead always listening to the thoughts of others.