When you ask someone, ‘how are you?’ do you really slow down to listen to their answer?

When you’re eating, do you slow down to really enjoy and appreciate the food?

When you’re working, do you slow down to really think about what you’re doing?

Slowing down is an art. It’s a conscious effort than change the way you see and experience the world. Slowing down gives you the opportunity to really observe what’s going on around you and will give you insights that are missed by most.

Slowing down doesn’t mean stop pursuing what you want. In fact, slowing down can often improve your focus.

The never ending allure of the next deal, the next opportunity, the next dollar, the next person, the next website will always be there. So stop rushing towards them.

Try this today. Have a cup of coffee, tea or beverage of your choice in a ceramic mug or glass. Wrap your hands around the beverage and focus on how long it takes for the temperature of the container to warm or cool down to match the temperature of your hands. And during this time, slow down and just observe the world around you.