Have you ever experienced this moment in time before?

Will you ever experience it again?

Any challenge or problems that you’re currently experiencing is unique to your set of circumstances and the moment in which you are experiencing them. And this applies to everyone.

Everyone is figuring it out as they move along their own journeys.

At times it might look as though other people have it all figured out but they don’t.

New solutions to problems that never existed and new ideas are continuously being generated to cope and attempt to keep up with new challenges. This is just how life is.

Some might tell you that they have the answers your problems but what they have is the answers to the problems that they were able to solve in their past.

This is not to say that seeking advice is bad, it’s just that you can’t expect it to always work for you.

Your situation is always unique regardless of what you might hear or think.

So take comfort in knowing you’re not the only one stumbling through life and making it up as you go along. No one really has life figured out, and that’s what makes it interesting.