How long do you hold on to a negative feeling?

Is it minutes, days, months?

How many stories do you have to tell yourself in order to hold on that feeling? Do you tell yourself that you just can’t believe how a person behaved towards you or how you deserved better or the situation should have been different?

Well, the truth is that they behaved in their best interest and the situation just is and is now in the past.

Any time you spend time dwelling on what happened to you is energy you could be using to focus on something else. The fact is that you will be wronged by people and things will not always go your way, but hanging on to your feelings about what has passed is not a worthy endeavor.

You can train yourself to get rid of negative feelings faster by practicing new responses and behaviors.

The next time you have a negative feeling immediately think of something positive, and you will see that this will help you create a new pattern of thinking. This kind of practice will actually rewire your brain to the point that eventually this will become your new reaction.

So spend a moment today releasing one negative feeling that you’ve been holding on to and free up that brain space for a positive feeling.