Do you know that once you get in to an argument the chances of you changing your mind even if you’re wrong is extremely slim?

Research shows that when you’re in an argument your mind is now in a win lose position, so because of this commitment to winning you essentially shut down to any new ideas. You go in to a ‘prove them wrong’ mission.

It might seem at the time that you are attempting to use logic and that of course you’re right but taking a moment to consider the other parties positon can really help prevent an argument getting out of control.

In most cases people don’t set out to argue but once they feel their positions being attacked the move in to a defensive posture. I’m sure there’s been a time when you’ve asked ‘why am I arguing’ and forgotten the reason the argument started in the first place.

Learning to control your emotions during an argument is something you can learn over time. A key step to doing this is the humility to believe that you could be wrong. This is the most difficult step to take but it will enable you to argue with an open mind and will also save many of your arguments diving out of control.