What does it mean to behave?

Whose ideals have you conformed to and how much of your true self have you given up just to behave?

It started when you were a child.

If you behave I’ll give you a piece of candy.

And as you grew.

If you behave I’ll give you a treat.

As an adolescent.

If you behave you can join our clique.

If you behave you’ll get good grades.

As an adult.

If you behave I’ll love you.

If you behave I’ll give you a raise.

If you’re like most then you’ve probably had the most fun just on the other side of ‘if you behave.’ The stories you tell are not the ones about how much you behaved but the ones about your mischiefs and adventures.

The next time you hear someone lure you with some form of ‘if you behave,’ ask yourself what part of you are you trading for the reward and perhaps consider what might happened if you ‘misbehaved’ a little.