What’s your story going to be?

How are you going to write your story and what role will you play?

Will you choose to be the main character or an extra?

We all have the capability of writing our own stories and deciding what role we will play but very few choose to do so. Some people don’t know that they can write their own story but most people don’t because they fear to do so.

They fear usually due to three reasons; what if they do plan and it doesn’t unfold the way the want it to? They have not taken the time to think about what they want and lastly, they fear the success of what if it does and how will they handle it?

Let’s address these reasons.

First, most plans do fail but at least they provide an initial guide to where you think you’d like your life to go and there’s always the option of changing the plan based on new information.

Second, and this applies to the majority of people is that they just don’t think about it and these are the ones that are most likely to be ‘victims’ of circumstance.

Lastly and probably the most insidious is that fear of success and progress because it will cause them to change and leave some people behind.

So, what’s going to be your ‘Once upon a time?’ And if that’s too big of a question for you to think about then at least start thinking about your once upon a day or even week.