There are three forces that will play a huge part in shaping your life.

They are luck, serendipity and faith.

Seneca the great philosopher apparently said that luck is when preparation meets opportunity. So although the definition to being lucky is that things happen by chance there must be a level of preparedness on your behalf for you to be able to take advantage of the lucky situation.

Serendipity is being at the right place at the right time in order to benefit from events in a that come your way. Your role in being in serendipitous situations is to get out and engage in your environment. You need to put yourself in situations and give serendipity the opportunity to reveal itself.

Faith, yes faith. This one seems to be most challenging because faith doesn’t have a timeline. Faith is often associated with religion but it also plays a huge role in your life because without it you wouldn’t even get out of bed.

So if you want to be lucky then invest in yourself and create a version of you that is prepared for the next opportunity you see. Put yourself out there and experience serendipity. And lastly, have faith that after you prepare and step out, luck and serendipity will both find you.