What is your idea of a good life?

Is it a life where you’re not afraid to follow your dreams?

Is it a life where you help as many people as you can?

Is it a life where you make as much money as you can?

Is it a life where you live as long as you can?

Is it a life where you have the best relationships you can?

For many it’s all of the above and that’s great, but how you prioritize will dictate your actions.

For example, if you prioritize health then that’s time you will not spend building relationships or helping other people.

A good life is not a balanced life. It is a life in which you able to be as true to your real self as possible. It’s a life where you can come to terms with what is important to you. A good life is a life where imperfection is perfection.

Determine for yourself how you define a good life and live in to it as much as you can. In the end some might say you lived a good life but only you will know for sure.