How much time do you spend outdoors enjoying nature?

If you’re like most then you probably take nature for granted and as something you look at through your windows. And in today’s world of knowledge work so much time is spent under artificial light that problems like vitamin D deficiency are actually increasing.

Research shows that spending time in nature has stress reducing and calming effects. Even stepping outside and standing in sunlight just for 10 minutes can improve your mood.

And if you’re too busy to go outside then bring nature indoors and invest in some plants that you can enjoy. And yes, you can talk to them because they will hear you.

If you ever watch children playing outside, digging in dirt without restraint it’s because they know the inherent pleasure of doing so. And they know it’s where we come from.

It’s easy to forget that we are in a dependent relationship with nature and without it we could not exist. So why not step out for a moment, take a deep breath and enjoy and appreciate all that nature has to offer.