As a child you may have been told by your parents or ‘well meaning’ adults that world doesn’t revolve around you but I’m here to tell you that it does. At first reaction you might consider this to be a selfish statement so let me clarify.

You were told the world doesn’t revolve around you so that others could calm your demands and take away your true power. And as you grew in to an adult you got in to the habit of not asking for what you really wanted until finally you succumbed to the demands of those around you.

Now imagine for moment this scenario. You walk into a restaurant and when the waiter asks you, what would you like? You say “just bring me whatever is left over.” I can hear you now, but Raj I’m paying for the food so I should get what I want. And I say to that, in a restaurant you’re only paying with money which is infinite and you’re not willing to take left overs. In life you’re paying with your finite amount of time and yet you’ve decided to take what’s left over and deprioritize what you want.

I’m not saying that you should behave so selfishly that it’s detrimental to those around you, but I am saying that you should get in to the habit of asking for what you want. And I don’t mean the accumulation of material goods because that too will eventually leave you hollow and always wanting more.  But ask what more do you want out of life?

Tyrants and sociopaths are experts at impressing their will on the world for negative and selfish reasons; however could you imagine what the world would look like if that kind of power and will was used for good.

Go out today and ask for what you want. If you’re timid then start small. But learn to ask, ask and then ask again. Ask until you feel as though you’ll get punched in the face if you ask one more time and learn to live with that feeling. I promise you that is where the magic will happen.