Have you ever shared an unbiased opinion?

Do you believe that you can ever really be impartial?

It’s easy and at times reassuring to think that you can in effect share an opinion or thought that is void of bias, but probably impossible.

You see, every opinion you share is colored by your experiences, and even if you try to prevent your experience from influencing your judgement, it’s already too late.

The ultimate bias lies in self-preservation.

The need and desire to be or at least appear to be correct, right or smart is the ultimate flaw on opinions.

If you really want to express an unbiased opinion then it’s important to know and acknowledge that you do indeed have biases. And perhaps even more important, when you’re seeking advice or the opinion of others, realize that they too have biases.

The next time you’re swayed of being influenced by the opinions of others keep in mind that they’re based on their experiences not yours. And if you’re ever asked for your unbiased opinion then be honest and say that you’ll be happy to share your opinion but it will not unbiased.