Do you remember the last time you were in a smoke filled room or restaurant only to leave with your clothes smelling like the room you were in?

The lingering effect of the odor is called residual impact.

Even though you’re no longer in the environment and you couldn’t see what caused the odor you’re still affected by the experience.

Luckily for you the odor in your clothes can be quickly removed by a good cleaning.

But what about your mind?

How many different ‘smoke filled rooms’ do you take your mind through on a regular basis?

What environments do you expose it to and how much residual odor are you unknowingly experiencing.

What emotions are being triggered by what you read, see and watch?

Because it’s not readily apparent it’s very easy to deny the fact that your mind and ultimately your emotional state are affected by what you expose it to. And if you really think about it then you know that all media is designed to change your emotional state otherwise it wouldn’t exist.

Now the choice is yours.

Which smoke filled rooms do you want your mind to end up smelling like?

Consider this. You can’t walk through a sewage plant expecting to walk out smelling like roses.