What words do you use do describe yourself?

What words do you use to describe the kind of day you’re having?

What words do you use to describe how you feel?

Your words are the palette for your thoughts and actions. They can color your day by adding excitement and enthusiasm or they can bring feelings of despair and sadness.

The vocabulary you use can also directly affect how you feel about yourself and others. It can also affect how others see you. Research shows that individuals can actually alter not just their psychology but also physiology just by the words they use.

Every thought you have is labeled with a word. Your thoughts are strings of words constantly churning through your brain sending signals on how you should act and feel. Your entire perspective of the world is based on the words that you’re in the habit of using.

Learn to use strong, powerful, uplifting words to describe yourself and positive words to describe your relationships and people around you. Your words can change the lens through which you view and live your life, choose them wisely.