How much of your life is a figment of your imagination?

Do you know that your senses were designed to allow you to interpret the external world and to keep you alive?

However, they can also be misleading.

Have you ever seen an object from a distance only to realize once you were closer that it wasn’t what you thought it was?

This is an example of your brain attempting to interpret current information based on previous experiences and provide you with a picture of what you think you see.

So much of your life is not what you are experiencing but is in fact your brain creating narratives based on old information. These narratives then move you to behave in a certain way. But once these behaviors are ingrained then they happen automatically because now it’s just how you are.

Is being ‘just how you are’ serving you well?

Is relying on your old experiences allowing you to be the person you want be? If not, then perhaps it’s time to question how or why you interpreted previous experiences the way you did, and reevaluate them so that you can respond differently in the future.