How quick are you to judge a person as an idiot or some other similar word?

Do you find yourself calling someone a name based on their actions in a particular moment?

We’re all guilty of not behaving appropriately in the moment and rely on the grace of others to give us another chance.

We’ve all heard the story of the 9th grade dropout that went on to become a millionaire or the conventionally uneducated person that through sheer curiosity and will created a world changing discovery. These people were probably the target of name calling or being judged as ‘less than’ at some point during their lives until they proved otherwise.

Judging an individual based on a brief interaction or what you perceive to know about them is an ego driven thought process, it is your ego telling you that you are superior to that individual. Controlling yourself from casting a disparaging remark or thought towards an individual, and not being so quick to judge their action based on a moment in time is an exercise worth pursuing.