What is the perfect age?

When are you too young to be taken seriously?

When are you too old to try something new?

What if you didn’t know how old you are?

Age is a strange phenomenon because although it’s measured by how much time has passed it’s also measured in social context. Age is used to measure progress in life.

At 16 you should be doing this and at 21 you’re allowed to do this and by 30 you should have done this and at 60, well now you’re half way done and you really shouldn’t be trying anything.

When you ask someone how old they are it’s rarely because you’re interested in the number of years they’ve been alive. It’s so that you can mentally categorize where you think they should be in life.

I once read an interview where a woman born in remote area of the world was asked when she was born, and her reply was, in the winter. There was no context of time.

Do your thoughts about your own age hold you back?

If you look hard enough you will find examples of people from all ages accomplishing all kinds of things that they ‘shouldn’t be able to’ at their age.

What if today you dismissed your belief about age and explored all the things you want to do? Who knows, you might just be the perfect age.